Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome to Retrolithic!

The official welcoming monkey
The official welcoming monkey
This blog is the culmination of a lot of disparate thoughts coming together and I'm very pleased to be able to finally articulate them in one place.  Let me start off by explaining what this site IS and what it IS NOT.
What it IS:
I've spent the last couple of years toying with the idea that we (humans) have evolved to work in a very particular (and efficient) way.  I've also come to believe that over the last few hundred years or so we have deviated from how we are really designed to live.  It first started when I read about the Paleo Diet (or Caveman Diet or a million other iterations), then when I saw Christopher McDougall's TED lecture about barefoot running, then when I found a fantastic article about segmented sleep cycles and has now blossomed into a full-on personal enlightenment.
That said, my overall goal for this blog is to share those ideas with you and initiate some dialogue about how we can take advantage of what used to be common knowledge.
What IS NOT:
This is not a site to rant against the evils of technology or our current society.  Full disclosure:  I am a computer geek.  I spend most of my life sitting in front of a screen.  I break into cold sweats when I'm separated from my phone for more than a few minutes.  It just so happens that I'm also very introspective by nature and believe that all this technology sometimes prevents us from seeing the big picture.
So come along on this journey with me and we'll delve into the very nature of what makes us human.  Or, at the very least, we'll have a couple of beers and wax poetic about why we like bacon.
- Nate

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